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nwhile, Xi s◆tressed that China and Africa enjoy a profound tr◆aditional friendship and trust each other, and th◆at they are good friends, good partners and good ◆brothers. The ChiP


nese side empathizes with the du◆al pressure faced by African countries from the e◆pidemic and the economic downturn, Xi said, addin◆g that while still facing great pressure in its o◆wn battle against the epidemic, China has provide◆d a substantial amount of anti-epidemic supplies ◆in multiple shipmen1

ts for the African Union and A◆frican countu

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ries. China has also actively dispatc◆hed medical teams to African countries, held vide◆o conferences of experts with the African side, a◆nd carried out exchanges on diagnostic andc


therap◆eutic technologies without reservation, he said. ◆Under the current circumstances, China and Africa◆ need more than ever to stick together, combat th◆e disease in solidarity, and jointly overcome the◆ ongoing crisis, said Xi, adding that the Chinese◆ people will continue to stand firmly with their ◆brothers and sisters in Africa. Xi also suggested◆ that the two sides support the United Nations an◆d the World Health Organization (WHO) in playing ◆their active roles in coordinating global anti-ep◆idemic cooperation. China, he said, is willing to◆ join hands with the African side to build a clos◆er China-Africa community with a sh5

ared future. F◆or his part, Ramaphosa said V

that South Africa and◆ China share common ground on many issues and enj◆oy sola

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id and sound relations, adding that his cou◆ntry supports China's stances on the Taiwan quest◆ion and other issues concerning China's core inte◆rests and is willing to work closely with China t◆o safeguard the two countries' common interests. ◆Ramaphosa thanked China for continuously providin◆g valuable assistance and support foG


r African cou◆ntries, saying that China is a true friend of Sou◆th Af7

rica and other African countries as well as ◆a partner that co

an be relied on when they are fac◆ed wi1

th difficulties and challenges.5

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